martedì 6 agosto 2013

Good People.

Good people.
In a world where egoism, dishonesty, crookedness and meanness are always at the center of daily news, I have some good news for you.
There's still good people out there.
This is just a conclusion due to my very personal experience, and since I`m a very lucky person I don`t feel like generalizing.
Good people can't stand being talked about, so I'll play with you, telling you just his first name, being certain that those of you from Mantova won't be able to help themselves and will go "witch hunting", trying to find out who this person is.
The person I'd like to talk to you about is Mattia.
You might have heard something about him. He's come to see me recently, and not empty-handed, but with some presents.
I can't reveal too much, because this would tell you my secret, but I'll just tell you that the present I liked most, and the least expected one, was an USB pen drive with his book on, and also another thing that he had received from Claudio M... but I won't say anything else.
I'm laughing so much and Aiste just looks at me pitying me.
Mattia is a very down-to-earth person, even if he could be more pretentious considering his professional results.
He conveys a very positive vibe when he talks, making others feel good. He's given his availability to help with the event I'm NOT supposed to talk to you about, otherwise my friend Macigno could break my legs.
Considering the use I make of them I could risk it and talk, but I'm still hoping in a miracle (stem cells in my case), so I'll pretend I'm scared of his vendetta.
But we were talking about Mattia. He's a really nice person and, if you read his book (whose title I can't reveal for many reasons) you'll understand which values he grew up with, even in a professional field where appearance beats essence 10 to 1.
He's really an outsider in his field, but thanks to humility and intelligence affirmed himself and became a real leader.
Now he's got a certain age and he's almost retired.
One day I predicted that he would have seated in the "parliament" of his profession, but I don't think he will follow my advice.
Break your leg, Mattia, your chicks are waiting for you!

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