martedì 16 luglio 2013

If i wanted to go to a bar.

If I wanted to go to a bar.

It’s official.
I’m seriously ill. That's what the ASL (Italian social security) established. Thanks, but I already knew.
It took you some time, but you finally figured it out too. You should have asked.
Actually the ASL people are always nice and available, surely because of Aiste’s attitude, or because they know it won’t be for long…
After the tracheostomy I need a “lifter” to get up from bed. It’s actually a hoist.
During transportation from bed to wheelchair and back I feel like a sausage inside my casing, which is waterproof because I need to use it to go under the shower.
Once on the wheelchair, you need to take care of the ventilator’s engine, that must be fixed on the wheelchair. And I don’t need an engine but two, because if the first was to break down, the second one would take its place. And then, as if this wasn’t enough, if both were to stop working I have to have with me a manual respirator…
Because of the illness I produce a lot of saliva, and I need a special suction machine to get rid of it, with tubes and water. Another machine on wheels…
If I want to go out, I must reserve a special vehicle beforehand, with a slide and a blocking system for the wheelchair. At this point, though, I can’t communicate… I can’t carry the communicator on the wheelchair . To move all these machines one person isn’t enough, we’re already a team of three!
So, dear Maci, when you ask me why I don’t go out, now you have the answer…
But don’t worry, I will be there for our… special occasion… no matter what.

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