sabato 13 luglio 2013


a word for every age and gender. 
It’s hard to talk about it. Writers, poets, astrologists, philosophers talked about it and will keep on doing it.
But everyone can express an opinion, since every experience is unique, like every person living it.
Since I’ve been ill, I feel more love coming my way; I’m not talking only about Aiste, who by the way is an extraordinary woman, who met me when I was healthy and shared with me every step of the disease. I’m talking about everybody else I’ve gotten to know, from hospital nurses to doctors and professors who visited me, from Bologna to Milan, from Germany to Vietnam.
Even the “carers” (a word I don’t like), the people who help taking care of me at home, show me fondness, and this fondness is just another form of love.
I’ve come to the conclusion that being seriously ill is just a… stroke of luck!
You, who read me and interact with me with your answers, show me love, in a way.
You should live your life with the same intensity you put in your answers, because I can feel the emotion you’re trying to convey.
Do it with your spouse, children, parents and boyfriens/girlfriends for the youngest among you, but to it.
Yesterday I asked you to do a test. Today I ask you to try another experiment. When you arrive home, kiss the people you love. Even if you don’t usually do it. Do it. And let it become an habit.
Show your love.

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